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Ethical Committee


In order to conduct the research project in our institute , an institutional Ethical committee is organized. The committee comprises of the scholars  from various disciplines, as listed below:


Sr.No Name of the Expert Qualification/Faculty Designation in IEC
1 Mr.Milind Kale Principal MES College of Nursing


2 Dr.Parag Karnad M.B.B.S. Clinicians
3 Dr.Rameshwar Gound M.B.B.S. D.P.B. Clinicians
4 Mrs.Jyoti Bhakare L.L.M. Phd Legal Adviser
5 Dr.Vivek Natu M.S. Basic Scientist
6 Dr.Rajaram Dandekar B.A.M.S. Social Scientist
7 Dr. MohanTambe M.D.Ayu. Philosopher
8 Mr.Prashant Patwardhan


NGO Representative
9 Dr.Manjiri Kulkarni M.D.Ayu.  Member Secretary


Under the expert guidance of the committee members, various research projects are being conducted.